Friday, November 11, 2016

When you had something to be proud off

You once had something
Or someone 

 like a role model 
You did admire

With what it represents
That someone who 
She was

And to country, a home
She has everybody's heart's

And a bright future of all
The childrens

Wanted to have 

You feel like the world 

You don't have to
Feel like that

But when someone
Takes it away

From people and
Children's  all the citizens

This country is amazing 
More than great

When someone says to
Make America great again

We're just great we're amazing

We don't want a president who 
Doesn't cares or a heart

We just got a slapped on our faces

It's not fair just like that this guy 
Doesn't have experiences to be

Who we wanted all of this time
We could do is to still marching on

We do have a something and someone
To be proud off is ourselves 

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