Friday, February 18, 2011

Mr. Brian Adams

i know that we always talk
to each other as i remember
from all of the years you
andwe were more than a teacher
the next class to mine and i just
a student in my class we were
just like best frieends in more words
like brothers we were always hanging
out together like in tthe cafeteria while
we were finished having lunch i stayed
there the last one in there since i still
remember that we used to walk back
and talk to each other i am so glad we
stayed great best friends until school was
over i will always treasure all of the times
that we were always together it was great to share
everything that we both have in common together
i wanted to apologize for everything i was in a mess
in high school it wasn't you at all though i don't
think that you never cared me since you always
cared as i can remember that made a brother for
like you

1 comment:

  1. this poem is alot more like an essay but i made it like a poem instead is about when i had i fight with my best friend the teacher that i was talking about from the others poems that i did this particular one telling him how i felt inside while we were on the fight and separted from each other i wrote this one how i felt and what i felt like is very sad i know